About Us

We Support Arizona

What's the initiative? While there's many ways to show support for local businesses, we've decided to start this initiative to bring attention to the importance of Arizona businesses and hopefully offer some financial relief via an online portal – the portal offers merchandise for sale with the purpose of donating proceeds directly to Arizona business owners.

In a nutshell, we’re selling t-shirts with the logos of participating AZ businesses – some designs will feature “We Support AZ” or "Support Local" branding. We’ll keep enough from each sale to cover basic costs, but we’re donating the profit directly to businesses (e.g., if you purchase a Mingle + Graze t-shirt, proceeds will go directly to Mingle + Graze). Businesses will be paid weekly.

We built this site so we can work together with the local community and businesses across AZ. We also built this site to keep money flowing to the small local businesses that desperately need it and to do our part in helping make sure they exist for a long time.